Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Camping like a girl...Canadian Style!

What do a group of Canadian women, brought together by a mutual interest in vintage trailer camping do to pass the time during the deep, darks depths of a long and cold Canadian winter?  They "Snow Camp", that's what!

Girl Camp Canada Headquarters in Ontario, Canada
Actually, creating snow sculptures is one of the many fun events that members of the group "Girl Camp Canada" dream up to bond and have fun with fellow members.  This all-women, all-Canadian group established back in the Spring of 2013, is the epitome of fun and friendship.  "Enjoying the safety and sharing the fun of vintage trailer camping together" is just part of the group's motto.  Not limited to swapping stories, the gals share renovation tips and ideas about vintage trailering.  The group includes women with varying degrees of experience when it comes to tackling, rebuilding and maintaining vintage trailers of yesteryear.

Camp like a girl...GCC style!
Newbies are always welcomed and find themselves gleaning insight into the in's and out's of what it takes to make a safe and informed vintage trailer purchase. The thrill of the hunt for the perfect trailer may bring the members together but the camaraderie and support offered amongst the members keeps this group a tight knit one.  Fortunately for me, being accepted into this warm and supportive group of women has been humbling.  These women are truly amazing and I feel honoured to have forged some special and unforgettable friendships.

Famous Muskoka Snow Snake
So while many of the GCC gals have to wait for the snow thaw this year before they can start enjoying another season of vintage trailer camping ...I wanted to share a few of the fabulous "Snow Camp" creations, courtesy from the talented gals at Girl Camp Canada!

Watch out, he bites...urp!

Mmmmm...snow cones, Girl Camp Canada style!

Frozen lake?  No problems for a Girl Camp Canada Gal!

GCC girls know how to make the best of
 good old Canadian snow...put it to work keeping bevy's cold!
I like mine shaken not stirred!

A wee "Snow Pikachu" my daughter and I created
from a fleeting BC snowfall.

Snow Inukshuk from Alberta takes 1st place!

Even when a member is on a warm and tropical vacation,
 her mind and her heart isn't far from our Girl Camp Canada group.

It truly is wonderful what a great group of gals can create during a snowy, Canadian winter eh?  Camp on my GCC sistas!