Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Camping like a girl...Canadian Style!

What do a group of Canadian women, brought together by a mutual interest in vintage trailer camping do to pass the time during the deep, darks depths of a long and cold Canadian winter?  They "Snow Camp", that's what!

Girl Camp Canada Headquarters in Ontario, Canada
Actually, creating snow sculptures is one of the many fun events that members of the group "Girl Camp Canada" dream up to bond and have fun with fellow members.  This all-women, all-Canadian group established back in the Spring of 2013, is the epitome of fun and friendship.  "Enjoying the safety and sharing the fun of vintage trailer camping together" is just part of the group's motto.  Not limited to swapping stories, the gals share renovation tips and ideas about vintage trailering.  The group includes women with varying degrees of experience when it comes to tackling, rebuilding and maintaining vintage trailers of yesteryear.

Camp like a girl...GCC style!
Newbies are always welcomed and find themselves gleaning insight into the in's and out's of what it takes to make a safe and informed vintage trailer purchase. The thrill of the hunt for the perfect trailer may bring the members together but the camaraderie and support offered amongst the members keeps this group a tight knit one.  Fortunately for me, being accepted into this warm and supportive group of women has been humbling.  These women are truly amazing and I feel honoured to have forged some special and unforgettable friendships.

Famous Muskoka Snow Snake
So while many of the GCC gals have to wait for the snow thaw this year before they can start enjoying another season of vintage trailer camping ...I wanted to share a few of the fabulous "Snow Camp" creations, courtesy from the talented gals at Girl Camp Canada!

Watch out, he bites...urp!

Mmmmm...snow cones, Girl Camp Canada style!

Frozen lake?  No problems for a Girl Camp Canada Gal!

GCC girls know how to make the best of
 good old Canadian snow...put it to work keeping bevy's cold!
I like mine shaken not stirred!

A wee "Snow Pikachu" my daughter and I created
from a fleeting BC snowfall.

Snow Inukshuk from Alberta takes 1st place!

Even when a member is on a warm and tropical vacation,
 her mind and her heart isn't far from our Girl Camp Canada group.

It truly is wonderful what a great group of gals can create during a snowy, Canadian winter eh?  Camp on my GCC sistas!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Okay, I might be biased, but I just adore these "Trailer Sweetheart" Vintage Trailer Charm Necklaces.  They are hand drawn/painted and custom created by me...yes me!  Each one of these tiny works of art are unique and draw tons of compliments whenever and where-ever the necklace is worn.  These necklaces have been so fun to make and give away as gifts that I have decided to start offering them for sale...really!  Any trailer image can be created, ...right down to the finest details...great for vintage trailer owners, glampers, Sisters on the Fly or anyone who just appreciates vintage travel trailers from yester-year!
Showing off your love for vintage travel trailers has never been more pretty and fun!  Sure to be a great attention getter at any trailer rally!  For more information or to order your very own Trailer Sweetheart Vintage Trailer Charm Necklace come visit my FB page or contact me by email at

Friday, 15 February 2013

It's Christmas Time in February...oh and some cute vintage trailers!

Happy New Year Sweeties!  I know, I know, it's already past Valentine's Day but heck, for me, I consider that progress.  If your are anything like me in the procrastination/hard to get up off your butt/no time is the right time department, you will hopefully appreciate that I actually got around to writing another post.  If you want proof, look up procrastinator and you will see a picture of me, yup.  I'll even tell you something that will really prove how great I am in the "tardy for the party" department...I still have my friggin Christmas Tree up (albeit decorations) in the living room.  Truth!  I am kinda/really/absolutely please, please go easy on me...'kay?

Gulp...but wasn't it a wonderful holiday season anyways?  Hope it was a happy time for you all!

Well, as you may have already guessed it... I have not done a thing to the trailer.  Of course I already picked up a few accessories for her as I always have time for shopping (and getting my priorities straight obviously)!  I like thinking ahead and planning, planning, planning.  Believe you me, I'm really good at that!  So I'm sorta leaning towards a rustic/glam look to cozy her up.  Kinda like rustic cabin meets hotel chic...think barn board walls with a blingy crystal chandelier.  Can you picture it?  No not fugly!  Cute and homey!  You know, a place where you can put your feet up, feel pretty and cozy all at the same time.  Call it a girls cave of sorts.  A nice mix that includes a neutral colour scheme of white, black and small hits of pink and cranberry.  I think it would  look lovely with the existing honey wood cabinets, don't ya think?  I think laying down a cherry wood laminate flooring would surely tie things up.  No, not tie me up...the girl cave...silly!  So I just can't wait until the weather starts clearing up, I'm hoping to have things start clicking along here pretty quick!

Thought I would share some lovely images of some all-done-up trailers I saw at my first vintage trailer rally last year in September.  Yes...this past September in Lynden, WA.  Remember who is typing here, Miss Christmas Tree in give me some cred puh-lease.  Any-who the rally was put on by the Tin Can Tourists.  All of the folks and I mean every last one of them were sooo great...they were such a hoot, I really had me an honest to goodness blast!  Can't wait for when I can actually glamp and attend a rally in my own trailer... I hear this years local rally's are coming up I better heed warning!  

This was the first Scotty I ever saw...they are so teeny, tiny, I could just eat 'em up!

Red and white and green country-fied!.

Check out those little blue shutters...sweet!

This pink beauty was absolutely gorgeous inside, with it's very own queen sized bedroom!

All I can say about this beauty is...yowsa!

Take good care for now darlings....

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Little Cabin Get-a-Way

Our little cabin at dusk
Just had to get-a-way...just for a teensy bit.  Thank the dreamer in me, always looking for a perfect little place to "home-up" and call my own.   So off we went to Bay View State Park in Skagit County, WA.  Not too long of a drive for us from BC and thank goodness for Nexus to speed things up at the border.  The views of the fall foilage on the hillsides along the way were spectacular.  We arrived to find a wonderfully, cozy, tiny cabin, perfect size to share with my little daughter.  The view of the ocean from the cabin was lovely.   Peaceful and quiet we were, unplugged with no electronics.  It was great that we were able to camp midweek (being "unschoolers" and fancy free) and the cost was very fair at $57 per nite.  We had a truly wonderful time and made some great memories.  I'm already planning on coming back next year to glamp in my vintage trailer...I'll take the campsite overlooking Padilla Bay please!

Rustic but comfy cabin #5

Glamped up daybed

Camping boots

Home Sweet Cabin!
Our bunkbeds

View from the cabin

Beachcombing for treasures
Cabin nestled amongst the firs
Lummi Island across the Bay

Blue Heron


See you soon little cabin.....

Sunset over Padilla Bay

Friday, 19 October 2012

Here's my "not so cute...yet" vintage trailer.

HeyChickiePoo!  Thank you for taking a minute to read my very first post.  It is going to be a quick one, no time for a cup of tea this time, but I had to start somewhere!  Vintage trailer fans...heads up, I am going to post a few pic's of the trailer that I bought recently.  Get ready as she is not that old ('73), nor is she super tiny (14.5ft box, 17ft including the tongue), nor was she built in the USA but she is one of only a few known trailers of her kind in existence in Canada let alone North America!  She's a 1973 Tabbert Comtesse originally built in Germany.  After obsessively searching (vintage trailer-ites know well what I am talking about) and dreaming, I finally got my hands on this rotten, but unique "canned ham".  She is not what I thought I would end up with but what the heck, I just couldn't help myself!  So I am sure, with a fair bit of work, lots of dressing her up (the fun part) and of course TLC, she will be a head day...but for now, I am slowly restoring her and I will keep you kiddos updated along the way. 

Here she is!  Check out her cute rounded dutch doors...they were a definite selling point.

Her kitchen...check out those curtains!

Not one but two dining/bedroom areas located at each end...who would of thunk?

Well, that's the 5 cent tour for now, hope you enjoyed it.  Take good care my darlings!