Friday, 15 February 2013

It's Christmas Time in February...oh and some cute vintage trailers!

Happy New Year Sweeties!  I know, I know, it's already past Valentine's Day but heck, for me, I consider that progress.  If your are anything like me in the procrastination/hard to get up off your butt/no time is the right time department, you will hopefully appreciate that I actually got around to writing another post.  If you want proof, look up procrastinator and you will see a picture of me, yup.  I'll even tell you something that will really prove how great I am in the "tardy for the party" department...I still have my friggin Christmas Tree up (albeit decorations) in the living room.  Truth!  I am kinda/really/absolutely please, please go easy on me...'kay?

Gulp...but wasn't it a wonderful holiday season anyways?  Hope it was a happy time for you all!

Well, as you may have already guessed it... I have not done a thing to the trailer.  Of course I already picked up a few accessories for her as I always have time for shopping (and getting my priorities straight obviously)!  I like thinking ahead and planning, planning, planning.  Believe you me, I'm really good at that!  So I'm sorta leaning towards a rustic/glam look to cozy her up.  Kinda like rustic cabin meets hotel chic...think barn board walls with a blingy crystal chandelier.  Can you picture it?  No not fugly!  Cute and homey!  You know, a place where you can put your feet up, feel pretty and cozy all at the same time.  Call it a girls cave of sorts.  A nice mix that includes a neutral colour scheme of white, black and small hits of pink and cranberry.  I think it would  look lovely with the existing honey wood cabinets, don't ya think?  I think laying down a cherry wood laminate flooring would surely tie things up.  No, not tie me up...the girl cave...silly!  So I just can't wait until the weather starts clearing up, I'm hoping to have things start clicking along here pretty quick!

Thought I would share some lovely images of some all-done-up trailers I saw at my first vintage trailer rally last year in September.  Yes...this past September in Lynden, WA.  Remember who is typing here, Miss Christmas Tree in give me some cred puh-lease.  Any-who the rally was put on by the Tin Can Tourists.  All of the folks and I mean every last one of them were sooo great...they were such a hoot, I really had me an honest to goodness blast!  Can't wait for when I can actually glamp and attend a rally in my own trailer... I hear this years local rally's are coming up I better heed warning!  

This was the first Scotty I ever saw...they are so teeny, tiny, I could just eat 'em up!

Red and white and green country-fied!.

Check out those little blue shutters...sweet!

This pink beauty was absolutely gorgeous inside, with it's very own queen sized bedroom!

All I can say about this beauty is...yowsa!

Take good care for now darlings....


  1. Such a great bunch of sweet trailers! Thanks for sharing them. I hope you get yours ready and can be out there glamping come Spring.

  2. The red and white country-fied trailer is my idea of a classic vintage trailer. The Scotty looks really cute, though a bit cramped for my taste. White with streaks of color in it. Lovely!