Friday, 19 October 2012

Here's my "not so cute...yet" vintage trailer.

HeyChickiePoo!  Thank you for taking a minute to read my very first post.  It is going to be a quick one, no time for a cup of tea this time, but I had to start somewhere!  Vintage trailer fans...heads up, I am going to post a few pic's of the trailer that I bought recently.  Get ready as she is not that old ('73), nor is she super tiny (14.5ft box, 17ft including the tongue), nor was she built in the USA but she is one of only a few known trailers of her kind in existence in Canada let alone North America!  She's a 1973 Tabbert Comtesse originally built in Germany.  After obsessively searching (vintage trailer-ites know well what I am talking about) and dreaming, I finally got my hands on this rotten, but unique "canned ham".  She is not what I thought I would end up with but what the heck, I just couldn't help myself!  So I am sure, with a fair bit of work, lots of dressing her up (the fun part) and of course TLC, she will be a head day...but for now, I am slowly restoring her and I will keep you kiddos updated along the way. 

Here she is!  Check out her cute rounded dutch doors...they were a definite selling point.

Her kitchen...check out those curtains!

Not one but two dining/bedroom areas located at each end...who would of thunk?

Well, that's the 5 cent tour for now, hope you enjoyed it.  Take good care my darlings! 


  1. Hey ChickiePoo.
    I am loving your blog, it's so pretty with it's designer quality and visual appeal. Well done!
    The trailer is going to be a fun project I can see!
    Good on ya!


  2. Your trailer is adorable! I think she already looks pretty good...with a little glam.....oo-la-la.